Sierra Wireless announced that the Sierra Wireless AirCard product line now provides a Windows 7 Device Stage experience across multiple devices. Sierra Wireless is the first mobile broadband modem vendor to deploy a Device Stage experience, which provides customers with more convenient, intuitive access to their device and account information. In addition, Device Stage provides network operators selling Sierra Wireless AirCard devices with an opportunity to connect directly with customers through Device Stage in Windows 7.

With Device Stage support, when customers insert an AirCard mobile broadband modem into a laptop, they get quick access to AirCard modem information and support, including direct access to software and firmware updates. A picture of the Sierra Wireless AirCard device appears automatically in the “Devices and Printers” window accessed from the Start menu. Clicking on this picture opens the Device Stage, presenting a rich home page-type menu that can act as a go-to information center for device specific information such as current status, available network connections, and direct support links.

“Sierra Wireless has played a leading role in working with Microsoft to improve and enhance the mobile broadband experience for customers, with early support for Windows 7 mobile broadband,” said Mark Relph, Senior Director of the Windows Developer and PC Ecosystem Team at Microsoft Corp. “Adding Device Stage support to the Sierra Wireless AirCard product line is a further demonstration of the company’s commitment to making increasingly popular mobile broadband connections easy to set up and use.”

For mobile network operators, AirCard product support for Windows 7 Device Stage offers several benefits:

– Reduced Support Costs – Device Stage acts as a central location for
customers to get all the information they need about their specific
AirCard devices, including direct links to resources for
troubleshooting, frequently asked questions, and downloads, thereby
reducing customer support calls and costs.

– Visible Connection to Customers – Device Stage provides a highly
visible direct connection with customers that can include links to
network, account, and billing information for their AirCard devices,
reinforcing the network operator’s brand and customer relationship.

– Marketing Opportunities – Device Stage can be branded and customized
according to operator requirements, and can be remotely updated to
support marketing campaigns.

– Expanded Service Platform – Device Stage can deliver online services
that add value to the wireless service for end customers, such as
direct input of GPS information from the AirCard modem to mapping

“By implementing Windows 7 Device Stage with our AirCard devices, we are able to offer a better experience for end customers and provide our network operator customers a valuable platform to help them control costs and enhance customer relationships,” said Didier Dutronc, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Sierra Wireless. “The added value this provides for our customers made it a priority for us, and we’re extremely pleased to be the first to deliver it on mobile broadband devices.”