Shopster Inc., the leader in e-Commerce software for small and medium sized business announced it has launched the new Shopster Listing Manager for eBay. The Listing Manager allows Shopster merchants to seamlessly list and track their products and products from the Shopster Network on eBay’s auction site.

The unique Shopster platform allows merchants to build their businesses through collaboration, including the sharing of inventory. The new Listing Manager for eBay allows Shopster’s 16,000 merchants to better market their inventory to the eBay community.

Shopster has been an official eBay Certified Solutions Provider since the spring of 2008, and is one of only 24 companies in the world to currently hold this designation. The eBay Certified Provider program allows Shopster to work with the eBay team to create relevant offerings for eBay members.

“eBay continues to be one of the key pillars of global e-commerce and sets the standard for all online auctions. Many of Shopster’s customers rely on eBay as a key sales channel, and the Shopster Listing Manager for eBay makes integrating the two systems much easier” says Sarath Samarasekera, Co-Founder and CEO, Shopster.

“The world of e-commerce continues to evolve at a frenetic pace and online retailing is becoming increasingly fragmented and complicated. Online selling has many aspects, and successful merchants have identified their unique selling proposition, and collaborate on the rest.”