SEH technology, an intelligent network solutions provider, extends its USB device server product line series with the myUTN-120 SDCardserver, a virtual solution for accessing and sharing storage media. The product contains an SD card reader and USB high speed port enabling secure remote access to a number of USB devices via the network. The IPv6-enabled myUTN-120 SDCardserver operates in all Ethernet networks including Gigabit with Windows XP and higher. The myUTN-120 SDCardserver is now available at your reseller for $399.99.

Often in server-based computing (SBC) and desktop-virtualization environments there is no ability for the local usage of SD cards and storage media, making it technically difficult if not impossible. By allowing the controlled use of such storage media and USB devices via a safe point-to-point connection across the network, the myUTN-120 SDCardserver closes the gaps between enterprise IT infrastructures and the world of USB.

“Many enterprise security policies do not allow the utilization of USB devices and SD cards,” states Mike Majewski, President of SEH Technology. “By offering a broad security package with access control, device assignment, encryption, password protection, port key control and port deactivation, myUTN-120 makes using these devices safer. Network administrators have complete control over accessing USB devices and SD cards in the network.”