SEH Technology, a leading network solutions provider, announces the FC series, adapters for attaching HP LaserJet printers directly and securely to fiber optic networks. The FC126 and FC1126 are now available for $329.99 and $424.99 at many online resellers.

Developed in close cooperation with HP for the HP LaserJet Enterprise series, the FC126 for Megabit fiber optics (100BaseFX) and FC1126 for Gigabit fiber optics (1000BaseSX) attach to the printer via an integrated interface. All cabling is integrated into the printer and inaccessible from the outside, enabling a secure fiber optic connection with the printer. Power is supplied via the USB interface of the printer.

“Unlike traditional media converters, the FC Series requires minimal cabling that is secured within the printer,” states Mike Majewski, President, SEH Technology. “The FC126 and FC1126 are designed for high network security environments, such as government agencies, banks, police and defense organizations.”

The RJ-45 cable is simply connected to the respective interface in the printer, and the FC series covers the connection, preventing tampering. External cabling is not required and therefore cannot be accidentally disconnected. Network cabling and power supply is ensured at all times.