SECNAP Network Security Corporation, a leading provider of network and email security solutions, today announced its proud support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. October has been dedicated by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to raising user awareness of cybercrime and offering guidelines for protective measures, such as securing computers, creating strong passwords, and being aware of unusual online behavior.

According to the NCSA, while the Internet is a revolutionary tool for communication and learning, some individuals exploit the Internet in efforts to gain unauthorized access to user computers, steal user identities, commit fraud, and even launch cyberattacks against others.

According to SECNAP chief technology officer, Michael Scheidell, the problem of cybercrime is rampant, expensive, and ongoing. “As security professionals and experts in our field, we feel an obligation to help raise security sensitivity among America’s business and educational communities. The NCSA plays an important role.”

Scheidell founded SECNAP Network Security Corporation to protect clients’ information assets from hackers and other cyberthreats by raising the standard for intrusion detection and prevention solutions. Three patents are pending for his award-winning IDS/IPS technologies, and his email security gateway solutions have won widespread recognition as well. Scheidell was recently interviewed by Hakin9 Magazine.