File Drop Vault launched its secure communication system designed to protect professionals and their clients from identity theft, hackers, warrantless email interceptions, and more. The patent-pending technology eliminates third party access and creates one of the first software programs to hit the market that makes it easy to exchange confidential information online with colleagues, clients or patients in a completely secure manner.

File Drop Vault enables users to protect doctor/patient and attorney/client privilege, provides means to exchange information that no one but the two parties can access and closes the backdoor for any third party access that is common in other forms of online communication like portals, encrypted email, and online file hosts. Email can be intercepted and hacked anywhere and by anyone, even after deletion from the mailbox, and encrypted email hosts control access to the entire system. File Drop Vault never has access to users’ decryption keys, and ensures the information is seen only by the intended recipient.

FDV Founder and CEO Thomas Mercer said, “The idea came to me when I was trying to figure out how to send patients of a medical clinic confidential information made to be seen only by them. There was no fax, encrypted email, or online storage solution that provided a level of security that we were looking for to keep patients’ private information private, with real proof of delivery. I knew then it was up to us to create such a system.”

File Drop Vault is the solution that professionals in the legal, medical, and financial fields have been waiting for to replace slow, inefficient fax and insecure, unreliable email. Some states like Nevada and Massachusetts already have laws in place that require encryption of personal information when it is transmitted over public networks or stored on portable media. Fax is considered a viable alternative due to lack of other solutions but is not encrypted and has no real proof of delivery. File Drop Vault enables professionals to send and receive the original text in digital form that is easy to work with, more efficient and completely secure.