Seal Software announced it has joined the ServiceMax Marketplace to bring ServiceMax customers unparalleled access and comprehensive understanding of the key terms, services-related and otherwise, buried within their contracts.

y leveraging Seal's Contract Discovery and Analytics solution, ServiceMax customers have access to critical entitlements, SLAs and all contract terms that consistently impact field service organizations. All contractual documents in ServiceMax are instantly visible and usable by customer support, field service engineers, executives and all other key stakeholders across the organization. Seal Software's technology enhances field service management software by delivering critical information to optimize service levels, including:

  • Automated identification and consolidation of all service-related contracts across the enterprise.
  • Creation of searchable documents from all identified contracts.
  • Extraction of key contractual terms related to the service contracts, including SLAs, termination, service dates and more.
  • Integration with ServiceMax through Seal's Salesforce App, which loads key terms and searchable documents to ServiceMax.

"The fast-paced field service market requires instant access to information in order to sufficiently meet customers' needs," said Ulf Zetterberg, CEO, Seal Software. "Our Contract Discovery and Analytics solution delivers another level of visibility and control of data to streamline contract management. We look forward to working with ServiceMax Marketplace to help optimize service to its clients by leveraging critical contractual data assets."

"As organizations increasingly turn to technology to deliver flawless field service and empower their employees to turn customers into raving fans, it couldn't be a better time to aggregate the most promising solutions in a single marketplace," said Dave Yarnold, CEO of ServiceMax. "The 34 partners in the ServiceMax Marketplace are able to address the unique, needs of field service organizations, helping them to deliver better service to their customers and keep our world running."

Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics automatically locates unstructured contract data wherever it resides across an organization. Seal's easily deployable solution can rapidly process thousands of contracts, reducing years of manual process time to hours. The Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics platform is the only truly customizable solution available on the market, leveraging a unique blend of standard industry technology, including machine learning methods and natural language processing, as well as proprietary patented technology, which includes "non-standard" clause detection based on customer-defined boundaries. By combining the richness of standard global industry extraction models with the dynamic flexibility of client-configured models, organizations can confidently extract all key contractual terms and clauses, and render them for easy yet comprehensive review.