award, selected from a field of over 600 applicants in approximately two dozen
countries, recognized Seagate for its design innovation and implementation of
perpendicular recording technology in hard disc drives.

Perpendicular recording technology has enabled a dramatic increase in the
amount of information that can be stored. Seagate was first to release
products using perpendicular recording for use in consumer, hand-held,
enterprise, PC and notebook applications, and the entire hard drive industry
is expected to follow suit. Advances made in perpendicular recording have not
only enabled capacity and performance increases required by today’s digital
devices, but are helping enable the creation of entirely new categories of

Perpendicular recording reads and writes data bits on the disc
vertically, rather than horizontally, which enables more information to be
stored in the same space. Seagate scientists and engineers hold well over 100
patents on various aspects of perpendicular recording technology.

Bill Watkins, Seagate CEO, commented, “Seagate is honored by this
prestigious Wall Street Journal award and views it as a testimony of the
strength and commitment of our employees around the world. The advances from
perpendicular recording are helping create solutions that have changed the way
people create, share, store and protect their digital information. Seagate
will strive to always lead at the forefront of technology by developing the
necessary solutions for tomorrow’s storage needs.”