Seagate Technology, provider of the broadest portfolio of hard drives for video surveillance
applications, announced that the company has joined with Avigilon, the
leading provider of high definition surveillance systems, to deliver a
breakthrough in high definition surveillance systems to protect people and
property. Seagate Barracuda(R) ES Series hard drives will be used exclusively
in Avigilon’s High Definition Surveillance Systems due to the drives’ industry
leading performance, capacity and reliability, which are required for
intensive 24×7 high definition enterprise class IP video surveillance. The
Barracuda ES Series hard drives are highly scalable, with capacities ranging
from 250GB to 1TB, with the performance benefits of the SATA interface.

The Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System delivers the image
quality necessary to effectively protect the public and ensure the security of
airports, seaports, borders and train stations. These high-performance, high-
capacity systems protect vital assets for the military, law enforcement,
financial institutions, casinos, warehouses, transportation, and critical
infrastructure such as nuclear and petrochemical plants. With the Barracuda ES
hard drive, a single 16-megapixel Avigilon camera can take the place of 50
conventional surveillance cameras. Additionally, the combination of Avigilon’s
multi-megapixel IP cameras, their high definition network video recorders and
Barracuda ES Series hard drives dramatically decreases the amount of equipment
required for a surveillance project, reducing installation and maintenance

“Our goal is to provide our customers and partners with state of the art
storage solutions to enable best-in-class Surveillance systems,” said Marc
Jourlait, vice president Global Marketing at Seagate. “The critical nature of
Avigilon’s systems dictates a hard drive designed to provide speed, capacity
and reliability required for recording intensive 24×7 enterprise video IP
surveillance and the Barracuda ES is the perfect solution.”

“The role Seagate drives play in the total value of the High Definition
Surveillance System cannot be overstated,” said Pierre Parkinson, vice
president of Marketing and Business Development for Avigilon. “Our system is
really a chain of technologies, and any weak link in that chain irreparably
damages the data our customers are collecting. Seagate HDDs are a critical
component because they are fast, provide sufficient capacity, and deliver the
reliability required for protecting critical assets and infrastructure.”

To date, every Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System has shipped
with Seagate drives. To ensure sufficient recording time is possible, the
drives are configured in fail-safe, industry-standard arrays, which ensure
large volumes of data can be recorded and that the recordings are safe in the
event of a hard drive failure. The Barracuda ES hard drive has industry-
leading capacity, reliability and enterprise features demanded by capacity-
intensive 24×7 applications like enterprise IP video surveillance. The
Barracuda ES hard drive provides ideal SATA storage for multi-drive enterprise
network surveillance applications where storage system redundancy is often