Seagate, the world’s number one maker of Consumer Electronics (CE) hard drives, announced that its high-capacity, tiny and cost-effective ST1 Series hard drive has been integrated into the compact and portable HP Photosmart 475 Photo Printer, enabling the printer to store and manipulate images like a PC while remaining small and light for ultra portability.

“It used to be that you’d need a computer to store your photos and a printer to print them. Now that’s all changed,” said Pat O’Malley, Seagate senior vice president of Consumer Electronics Business Development. “Just as portable devices for entertainment, navigation and computing are starting to need larger and larger on-board storage for on-the-go content, HP’s printer using Seagate’s 1-inch hard drive has now become a virtual warehouse for photos and images ready to be edited, organized, printed, shown on a TV and burned to CD.”

The HP Photosmart 475 Photo Printer, which began shipping in August, is the first to have PC-like power with the ability to store a year’s worth of photos — more than 1,000 images. It’s also the first compact photo printer capable of printing 5 x 7-inch photos, in addition to 4 x 6-inch and panorama prints.

“HP created the snapshot photo printer market in 2001 and four years later we continue to drive innovation in this fast-growing space, making it radically simple for consumers to print their memories the moment that they happen,” said Linette Page, marketing manager, Photo Printing & Accessories, HP. “With the introduction of the HP Photosmart 475 Photo Printer, we’ve delivered a breakthrough in ease of use and convenience, enabling users to store up to 1,000 photos directly on their printer thanks to Seagate’s high- capacity 1-inch hard drive.”

Seagate has the broadest offering of CE hard drives and serves the entire spectrum of applications driving the emerging “terabyte life” — from automobile navigation and entertainment, to home theater, handheld audio, video, communications and computing. As the only hard drive company offering products for nearly every hard drive application, Seagate provides the global scale, supply and support that CE device makers need. Seagate delivers a complete business and technology partnership that enables growth in the home and portable entertainment market segments.

Based on direct customer input at its CE Design Service Centers, Seagate develops drives to deliver the features CE manufacturers ask for. Seagate’s unique Advanced Manufacturing capabilities give customers flexibility because our manufacturing can quickly adapt to their requirements. Seagate CE engineers are ready to help solve integration issues at the company’s unique Design Service Centers. Seagate is the only hard drive company to provide CE manufacturers with a comprehensive partnership: products, technology and services.