Patrick Postrehovsky, of Vancouver based FCV Technologies and his team of
designers and developers are behind the effort to facilitate public support by
providing an online destination where public and corporate donations can be
made in support of the Vancouver Festival Fireworks Society (The Society) and
The Celebration of Light. He has also teamed up with Rachel Kane, who is a
local twelve year veteran of the Canadian pyrotechnic production team to
spearhead the effort.

“Like many others in Vancouver we were disappointed to hear the news that
the 2009 HSBC Celebration of Light was canceled, and felt we had the drive and
the resources to step up and do what was needed to channel the communities’
passion effectively,” stated Patrick Postrehovsky, Director of “After speaking with The Vancouver Fireworks Festival
Society it was obvious to us they had exhausted options and resources, given
the current economic climate, and we felt if we did not act quickly this event
might not be brought back from the brink, as it was in 2001,” Postrehovsky

Kane, who has extensive experience with fireworks and special effects,
and a long history with The Celebration of Light, spoke on behalf of the
Canadian pyrotechnicians and production team, who work annually with each of
the competing teams throughout the festival. “For many of us, this barge is
where we grew up together. We’ve learned from the best in the world, and we’ve
become a family. There is nothing on earth like being on the barge during the
shows, and we can hear the crowds roaring, even over the biggest blasts – it’s
amazing. It is genuinely heartbreaking to us to think we might not get to
share our passion with hundreds of thousands of people this summer,” stated

Executive producers for The Celebration of Light have endorsed this
campaign and have agreed to extend the deadline required to source all
suppliers in time for the show. They have expressed surprise and delight in
the scale and dedication of the Vancouver community, and have made known their
support and enthusiasm. allows the public and business community the
opportunity to donate and raise the $400,000 shortfall needed to bring back
this year’s event. That was the amount The Society indicated would need to be
raised to keep the 2009 event on track.

To produce The Celebration of Light in 2010 and beyond will require an
annual financial commitment of $4 million.
The website will keep a daily track of funds raised. Donations can be
made at All donations are tax-deductible to the
fullest extent allowed by law. An official tax-receipt will be emailed to all
donors. Donation transactions are 100% secure through the Paypal donations
system. Every dollar will make a difference. will not be engaging in cash collections or public
solicitations of any sort. Donating through the website is the only legitimate
public channel to financially support The Celebration of Light with your
generous donation.

An official Facebook group has also been launched that is part of the
campaign where supporters can post stories, photos and share their experiences
from past Celebration of Light events.