Sandvine, a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, today announced that Webbing, a mobile roaming solution for global businesses, has been using Sandvine's Virtual Series in multiple datacenters around the world to enable data roaming in over 170 countries.

Webbing's Spot global hotspot and accompanying Management Platform deliver a cost-effective and manageable mobile roaming solution for global businesses. With Webbing, enterprises can drastically reduce their overall spend on telecom services for international travelers while delivering state-of-the-art 4G LTE performance and security.

Sandvine's Virtual Series plays a key role in providing data and policy control to the Webbing Management Platform which gives businesses real-time visibility into travelers' usage via a cloud-based mobile device management platform. IT managers can use the Webbing Management Platform to set network policies, enable or disable specific services, and direct the applications in use across a fleet of Webbing Spots.

Last year, Webbing conducted an analysis on the data usage habits of their customer base using Sandvine's Business Intelligence products that had been deployed under NFV. This analysis revealed a number of interesting details about business roaming including:

  • Only 25% of critical business traffic is being sent via VPN, leaving the other 75% of traffic potentially vulnerable to malicious attacks
  • More than half (56%) of data used is devoted to non-work related activities such as video streaming, social networking, and chat apps
  • On average roaming business customers used 168MB a day

"The flexibility of the Sandvine Virtual Series also allowed us to demo, trial and deploy our desired solution 100% remotely," said Noam Lando, CEO, Webbing. "We are excited about how Sandvine's Virtual Series will easily scale with the future growth of our customer base and their bandwidth requirements."