Samsung Electronics Canada is bringing
a green sheen to the Canadian electronics industry with the launch of Samsung
Recycling Direct, a new commitment to the recycling of consumer
electronics throughout Canada. Beginning April 22, consumers can bring their
Samsung-branded consumer electronics to 15 fixed e-collex drop-off locations
across the country for recycling at no charge. The program will also accept
non-Samsung-branded consumer electronics for a nominal fee paid directly to
the recycler upon delivery of the e-waste.

“We understand that consumers are experiencing a lot of confusion about
what to do with their unused or old electronics,” said Benjamin Lee,
president, Samsung Electronics Canada. “Today is about educating Canadians
that Samsung considers the environment at every stage of a product’s lifecycle
– from how it’s manufactured to the way it’s experienced in the home and
finally, how it’s managed when it’s time to upgrade. We’re thrilled to be able
to offer consumers an easier way to lead a greener lifestyle.”

The Samsung Recycling Direct program provides convenience for consumers
to responsibly recycle their consumer electronics, including mobile phones,
televisions, cameras, VCRs, computers and monitors. The 15 e-collex drop-off
locations across Canada will be maintained by Samsung’s recycling partner,
Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP). GEEP is obligated under the
program to not incinerate, send to solid waste landfill, or export toxic waste
(defined in a manner consistent with the commonly accepted definition of
hazardous electronic waste) to developing countries. Details about Samsung’s
standards for responsible recycling are available at

Samsung also unveiled, a new microsite where
additional information on this program can be found. Consumers who visit the
site can learn about the various recycling collection sites in Canada, read
about upcoming recycling drives, and learn more about how Samsung recycles

In addition to the launch of Samsung Recycling Direct, Samsung offers
eco-friendly products designed with innovations that reduce their impact on
natural resources. Some of Samsung’s greener product choices include:


Televisions – New this year, Samsung’s LED TVs use 40 per cent less
energy than previous LCD models and contain no mercury, lead or
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). They are shipped with packaging
made from recycled materials, are ultra-slim and lightweight,
reducing the amount of energy used for shipping.

All Samsung LCD TVs meet or exceed strict Energy Star(R) 3.0
guidelines, and our 2009 LCD TVs use 20-30 per cent less energy than
the previous year models.

Refrigerators – All Samsung refrigerators are Energy Star

Laundry – All Samsung front-load washers are Energy Star(R) compliant
and use significantly less water per load than top loaders. Samsung
dryers have many energy-saving features such as low or no heat
options and a cycle that senses when the clothes are dry and stops
the dryer before the timed cycle is up.

Ranges – SteamQuick is an environmentally-friendly self-clean
cycle that cleans in just 20 minutes using very low heat and steam,
plus all Samsung ranges are Energy Star compliant.

Printers – Features like Toner Save and auto duplex printing can help
offices reduce paper use and waste. All Samsung toners are accepted
in the STAR recycling program.

Monitors – Samsung’s new Ecofit PXX70 series LCD monitors are
manufactured without lead and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). They
use 50 per cent less energy than conventional LCD monitors.