Samsung is the first manufacturer to earn a computer reliability grade of A+ while Acer receives a failing grade of F

RESCUECOM has introduced a new dimension to its computer reliability rankings with the release of the computer reliability report for the second quarter of 2014. RESCUECOM now gives each manufacturer a computer reliability grade in addition to its computer reliability score and ranking.  These new computer reliability grades are a clear, easily understandable indicator of a company's performance regarding the reliability of its products and its after sale tech support.

For a complete breakdown of RESCUECOM's Q2 Computer Reliability Report, including all manufacturers' reliability scores and grades, please review the comprehensive computer reliability report for the second quarter of 2014.

Samsung was the only company to earn an A+ computer reliability grade.  The manufacturer has firmly established itself as the leader in computer reliability by earning the number one ranking in computer reliability for the second straight quarter.

Acer ranked last in computer reliability for the quarter and was the only company to receive a failing computer reliability grade.  The company's reliability score was dramatically low due to the high volume of computer repair calls received by RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians for Acer computers and tablets.  Even though HP and Dell also received poor computer reliability grades of D, their computer reliability scores were more than twice as high as Acer's.

Asus's computer reliability grade of B is impressive when one considers the fact that they ranked sixth in reliability in the previous report.  Asus has managed to improve its computer reliability significantly over time while companies such as HP and Dell have struggled to do so historically.

The computer reliability grades for the 2014 Q2 Computer Reliability Report are as follows:

 Samsung A+

Apple A

Asus B

IBM/Lenovo C+

Toshiba C-

Dell D


Acer F