Samsung Electronics opened the CES 2008
show today unveiling its vision of a world of complete connectivity, one in
which the boundaries to both rich content and beautiful design are gone and
the result is a life made simple. Samsung’s entire array of products can be
seen at the Samsung booth No. 11033 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas
Convention Center.

Full details, high-resolution images and downloadable videos can be found
at This year’s announced products, which garnered
an impressive 33 CES Innovation Awards, represent Samsung’s commitment to
providing the highest levels of connectivity, content and creativity in
markets such as visual displays, digital music players and home theatre

“The world of the consumer is rapidly evolving, from the sources of the
content they are viewing to the influences on how their products are
designed,” said Dr. Jongwoo Park, President of Digital Media Business, Samsung
Electronics. “Our products and technologies not only achieve the highest
levels of performance and beautiful design, but they connect together the user
experience in a way that simplifies life.”

Creativity in TV design, technology

With the release of the ultra-thin Series 7 LCD TV and its unique
transparent and opaque colouring, Samsung has reached a new benchmark in the
evolution of television design. The new paradigm seizes on the notion that
television design is being influenced more and more by industries such as
fashion and art and demographics such as women and families.

For the first time, a manufacturing technique, previously used only for
smaller A/V devices and luxury car interiors, is used to create a distinctive
TV that stands out from traditional black design. The new look, which is also
available on the Series 6 LCD and Series 7 Plasma TVs, is achieved by infusing
a hint of amber colouring to the translucent cabinet to produce a clean,
glass-like finish. The manufacturing process behind this unique design feature
is called TOC (Touch of Colour).

From an innovation standpoint, Samsung will be unveiling two (14.1″ and
31″) organic light-emitting diode (OLED) models in addition to an ultra-slim
52-inch LCD and the world’s largest “quadruple full high-definition” (QFHD)
model to date at 82 inches. QFHD refers to a resolution of 3,840 pixels by
2,160 pixels, which is four times greater than that of a typical HD display
and the next step in picture resolution.

Samsung also remains committed to enabling technology, arriving at CES
2008 with an update on the progress of its revolutionary A-VSB standard for
mobile television viewing. In addition to the announcement of performance
improvements and a complete end-to-end technical solution, Samsung has
unveiled prototypes for A-VSB-enabled mobile phones, MP3 players, portable
media players, UMPCs and notebooks.

Connecting User Experiences

Samsung’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with total
connectivity shines through brightest in the releases of its media center and
mobile music offerings at CES 2008. Samsung is also redefining the role HDTVs
play in the home by integrating a variety of advanced networking and IPTV
features into more models than ever.

Many of 2008’s entry-level and premium sets have side-mounted HDMI and
USB 2.0 ports, enabling consumers to use their digital peripherals through
their sets with a simple plug. The more advanced models will be able to
receive RSS feeds, streamed Web content and PC files more directly through
their HDTVs, transcending what traditionally has been a “viewing-only” device
into a truly interactive media hub that connects consumers to the rest of the
world. Additionally, Samsung is building on the success it had debuting the
world’s first 3D-enabled DLP last year by expanding the same capability to its
plasma HDTVs-another first for the electronics industry.

Samsung’s new AV media center and home theatre system not only provide
connecting technology for MP3 players, PCs and CDs but also provide a
gesture-based touch screen that provides the simplest interface imaginable.
Samsung’s MP3 player collection seeks to connect users to their digital
content in the most crisp and intuitive way possible. The P2 palm theatre
features a 16:9 widescreen, soft touch gesture screen and Bluetooth
connections while remaining the slimmest portable media player model in its
class. The T10 MP3 player takes the user interface to a new level with
animation that makes scrolling through the content menu an interactive

The Best Content – from creation to consumption

As its customers continue to live a more robust digital life, Samsung
ensures that it is a life of simplicity, which means seamlessly bringing the
best full HD content from devices to the living room. On the video front,
Samsung takes full HD a step further with the introduction of the HMX20
camcorder, allowing consumers to show crystal clear home videos on their Full
HD flat screens TVs.

Samsung continues its leadership in the arena of HD players with the
release of its latest Duo HD Player, which plays 1080p native content for both
Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats and supports interactive technologies BD-Java and
HDi, providing access to bonus content such as enhanced menus, games and
picture-in-picture commentary.

Bringing the entire home viewing experience together is Samsung’s HT-X715
home theatre system, which features 5.1 channels of stereo sound and Bluetooth
connectivity that allows users to stream their favorite tunes from an MP3
player. Samsung’s Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) makes all of this possible through the
use of a single remote control.

“The leaders of the next generation of consumer electronics will be
defined not just by the largest screens, clearest sounds or sharpest
resolutions,” said Dr. Park. “They will lead by providing the most complete
and connected user experience, delivering the best content from anywhere
through beautifully designed products that make emotional connections.