Samsung Electronics became the first manufacturer to receive the Certificate for Safety for its printers based on UL (Underwriters Laboratories) test reports authorized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

According to the Compulsory Registration scheme, manufacturers falling under the pre-determined fifteen categories of electronics products are now required to acquire registrations authorized by the BIS before they sell or market their products in India. The Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order 2012 issued recently by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) includes products such as LCD televisions, LFD monitors, laptops, tablets, microwave ovens and printers amongst others.

"We appreciate this landmark policy initiative by the Government of India and efforts undertaken by the BIS toward creating a safe environment for use of Electronics and Information technology items under the compulsory registration order of 2012. With India being one of our key markets, it is critical for us to obtain these registrations as per the new norms set by DeitY. Having UL as our compliance planner has enabled us to respond to this mandatory regime swiftly and process necessary testing and application procedure across our multiple product categories within a short span of time," said Mr. Taeho Roh, Vice President — IT, Samsung Electronics.

"With a quantum increase in demand for India Mandatory Registration Scheme accreditation services, we have ramped up our capacity by bringing in laboratory equipment, technicians and engineers from around the world to deliver timely services to the our esteemed customers. These united efforts will certainly help our customers meet the tight BIS deadline which is essential to help ensure a smooth continuity of their businesses," said Peeyush Gupta, Sales Director, UL India.

Being the first Indian registration scheme impacting the electronics industry, UL engineers worked diligently on testing and reporting in order to meet all the BIS' requirements. UL is delighted to know that Samsung is the first certificate holder of the new scheme and the registration was approved based on UL test report.