Saffron Technology, Inc. today announced the release of its next generation of intelligence discovery software, SaffronWeb Version 2.0.  Previously deployed only within government agencies, Version 2.0 adds commercial functionality, opening growth opportunities in both commercial markets and the government.
SaffronWeb’s discovery tools greatly enhance analysts’ ability to manage and evaluate massive amounts of information and can improve their ability to convert data into valuable intelligence.  Based on user queries, SaffronWeb captures experiences, learns patterns and builds memories to uncover associations and make predictions.  It identifies and presents all information relevant to an analyst’s query, which, in many cases, leads to new paths of discovery.
“We have designed a system that learns from users, with users and for users,” said Dr. Manuel Aparicio, CEO of Saffron Technology.  “SaffronWeb completely aligns with Jeff Hawkins’ vision of the future of intelligent computing.  We’ve already developed the technology and are expanding our applications – the future is now.”
The future of intelligence technology has recently been brought to the forefront with the publication of On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins.  Hawkins uses the human brain as a model, explaining that it is a memory system that stores experiences and makes predictions based on those memories. He asserts that this memory-prediction system will be the basis and future of intelligent computing.
SaffronWeb Version 2.0 has greater ability to integrate multiple commercial databases, offers increased transparency of source evidence for associations and has a streamlined user interface.  It includes “snippet viewing,” a new feature that provides an excerpt of the most relevant text extracted from a supporting document, allowing users to quickly assess an association’s significance.  Version 2.0 also enhances knowledge sharing by providing each user access to the expertise of other analysts.  It captures the discoveries of each analyst, then shares this new information with other users as part of their query results.
“Any company, from pharma to CRM to finance, that deals with multiple databases and needs to make correlations between data can greatly benefit from using SaffronWeb,” said Aparicio.  “Jim Fleming, our CTO, and our technology team have created an exceptional product that delivers clear, verifiable associations.  SaffronWeb enables databases to talk, which can save and make companies time and money.”
SaffronWeb Version 2.0 debuted at the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference in Philadelphia, PA.