Rogers Wireless announced the national
rollout of Voicemail to Text powered by SpinVox service.

The innovative new
service, delivered on Rogers Wireless network, the most reliable in Canada,
through technology by SpinVox, the world leader in Voice-to-Screen
messaging, offers mobile professionals fast, easy access to their voicemails
by converting messages to text and relaying them to BlackBerry devices, PDAs,
smartphones or cell phones as SMS messages.

Rogers Voicemail to Text powered by SpinVox service is available this
month in seven provinces, including BC, Ontario(1), Quebec and the Atlantic
provinces, representing more than 80 per cent of the Canadian population(2).
The service will launch in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in early 2008.

Rogers Voicemail to Text powered by SpinVox service operates using
SpinVox’s Voice Message Conversion System (VMCS) that combines secure,
state-of-the-art speech technologies with human intelligence and learning to
quickly, easily and accurately convert voice messages of up to three minutes
in length to text. The only voicemail-to-text service on the market with
multilingual capability, SpinVox converts messages in four languages: English,
French, German and Spanish.

“As Canada’s largest provider of voice and data communications services,
Rogers Wireless is pleased to offer customers yet another time-saving
productivity weapon in the war against inefficiency,” said Irv Witte, Vice
President, Business Marketing, Rogers Wireless. “With Rogers Voicemail to Text
powered by SpinVox service, customers across Canada will have the added
convenience and flexibility of receiving messages and call-back numbers in
real time, without the hassle of dialing-in or writing anything down.”

In addition to reading a transcript of voicemail text, subscribers to
Rogers Voicemail to Text powered by SpinVox service will be able to instantly
respond by text or telephone at the touch of a button, forward text messages
to others for immediate action or dial-in to their voicemail boxes and listen
to messages the traditional way.

“SpinVox is committed to providing Canadian customers with innovative
communications solutions that streamline the way they do business and lead
their lives,” said Christina Domecq, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder,
SpinVox. “We are excited to partner with Rogers Wireless to launch our
voicemail-to-text service on the country’s largest and most reliable GSM

Rogers Voicemail to Text powered by SpinVox service seamlessly integrates
with existing Rogers voicemail service and can be added to customer plans in
available markets for $15/month for an unlimited number of voicemail to text
conversions. The first month of service is free. For additional information or
to subscribe, please contact your nearest Rogers Wireless retailer or visit