“We took the concept of no late fees a step further and developed a truly
customer-friendly offering,” says Chuck van der Lee, President & CEO of Rogers
Video. “Using customer trials and feedback, we created an exciting program
that truly meets our customers’ needs.”

While there will no longer be late fees, there will still be due dates
for rented movies. Customers will now have an eight-day grace period to return
movies. After the grace period ends, the lowest price for the movie less the
rental fee will be placed on the customer’s account. If the customer doesn’t
want to purchase the movie, they simply return it to Rogers Video within 30
days and the charge will be erased. There are no restocking fees.

“We’ve had the advantage of watching similar programs play out in the
market,” says van der Lee. “We’ve tested different offerings and engaged our
customers for their feedback. As a result, we won’t charge a restocking fee
and we will consider the movie as being purchased after 30 days, not seven. As
well, if a customer decides to keep a movie, we’ll exchange the rental box for
the movie show box so our customers will have the original show box in their

The popular “Fastback Payback” program, in which customers receive $1 off
their next rental for returning select movies early, will remain in effect.
With no late fees on movies, no restocking fees and the “Fastback
Payback” program, Rogers Video has the most competitive and convenient video
rental offer in Canada.

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