Rogers Media today launched the highly anticipated online show "The Booth at the End", through "Shorts in the City," a programming initiative in partnership with Nissan Canada. "The Booth at the End" is part of the widest multi-screen release of digital video content in Canada. 

"We will be featuring "The Booth at the End" in Shorts in the City on as well as distributing the content on and other Rogers Digital Media sites.  What makes this program unique in Canada is our approach to windowing content in non-traditional ways. "The Booth at the End" will air first online and on mobile and will then migrate to television later in August. This innovation pushes the boundary of multi-screen initiatives in ways that no one has seen before," said Claude Galipeau, SVP & GM Digital Media, Rogers Media.

"The Booth at the End" centres on a mysterious Man who sits at a booth at the end of a diner. People come to him with requests and the Man can make these things happen – for a price. In exchange for what they want, these individuals must sacrifice their morals and do deeds normally inconceivable to them.   They must return to the Man and describe every step in detail. As the characters' tasks begin to overlap, complications ensue. But the Man never forces anyone to do anything. It's always up to them to start – or stop – with one lingering question: "How far would you go to get what you want?"  "The Booth" is an ensemble cast showcasing well known actors from TV and film, including: Xander Berkeley ("The Man"), Sarah Clarke ("Sister Carmel"), Matt Nolan ("James"), Jennifer del Rosario ("Melody"). 

"We are thrilled to be presenting the world-wide Canadian exclusive release of this highly acclaimed online show. This initiative really speaks to Nissan Canada's commitment to driving innovation – it's in everything that we do," said Mark McDade, Director, Marketing, Nissan Canada.

Episodes of the show will be released online weekly 'til the end of August to keep fans coming back for more.

"OMD, TBWA, Nissan and Rogers Media have broken new ground to provide free, on demand programming on multiple screens – TV, online and mobile, available anytime, anywhere.  Together, we have redefined content delivery for today's consumer," said Tom Fotheringham, Digital Group Director, OMD.