You can set up your private work place just about anywhere. The benefits become clearer once you use it. The first pay-off is it puts a comfortable layer between you legs and your hot laptop surface. Better for your legs and better for your notebook battery life.

We all know how heat from your laptop can be uncomfortable to your legs, but did you know that heat is one of the biggest battery-life drainers? With the special non-skid padding and ventilation supports, it may be a good enough reason to try out this product.

The company says that their design actually provides better cooling for your laptop than resting it on a flat surface. An interesting chart is provided in their documentation to demonstrate the difference in battery cycles due to heat related issues between their surface and that of a regular desk top.

The product has a well designed look and feel with quality materials. All of the usual compartments are there to store cables, disks and documents. It supports 12″ to 17″ laptop sizes depending on the model you choose. The company has two brands to choose from depending on the user type. For the business professional user, the shaun jackson brand offers designs with materials that are more suited for the professional environment. For the rest of the market, the Higher Ground brand offers more colorful designs. Back straps are available for both brands.

I think that if I could add one suggestion for improvement is to add a privacy screen to the sides of the case when it opens to prevent wandering eyes in public places. I guess that adding the coffee cup holder would be too much to ask. This product gets the thumbs up from us. We did not review the full product line, but from the pictures, it seems that there are different models with convenient holders for pens and cell phones.

The company is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the founder, Shaun Jackson is originally from Ontario. They are now looking for resellers in Canada. Learn more at