The BoBL app, a digital business card solution, will soon launch in two versions. It will eliminate the hassle of using paper cards and the environmental burden they carry. Both the "Social" and "Professional" versions will enable users to send and receive business cards just by touching phones or scanning QR codes. This will automatically download senders' contact information to the receivers' phone book.

Both versions provide Unlimited Customizable Business Cards for Life!

The app will store each business card as a digital file; no paper is needed. All one has to do is touch the business card on the screen, and the person's contact information, including phone number, text, email, and website, will instantly appear. No information has to be manually entered.

Removing the Hassle

The BoBL app will take many hassles away, including:

Manual entry of phone numbers and website URLs, saving time.
A heavy environmental footprint, as millions of business cards are thrown out.
No need to carry physical cards or collect others.
No strain on forests and non-renewable resources.
The inconvenience and expense of re-ordering business cards.

The business card app will let users transmit information from Apple to Android devices, for example, and between other platforms. No matter what platform one transmits to, the app will work the same. People can therefore exchange their information and network regardless of what brand or model they have.

Professional Features

In the "Professional" version, "In-Network" ads will let users create an ad for in-network ad-banners. App users within 40 miles will see the business advertised. When they click on the ad, they'll be connected to a website or receive contact information automatically. This feature will be free for the first 30 days. Also, free premium upgrades will be available to those who successfully invite 10 new users to download the program and share at least one card.