01 Communique Laboratory Inc. announced the release of I’m InTouch Premium, a remote access solution that builds on the award winning I’m InTouch with new features designed for business users. I’m InTouch Premium enables organizations to provide employees with cost effective remote access to their workstations from anywhere, without the need to leave their computers on all the time.

Remotely Access Your Shut Down PC – save on electricity bills and
increase your security

One of the key new features is our innovative Remote Wake-Up that allows users to remotely access their distant computers, even if they are not powered on. I’m InTouch automatically detects if your computer has been turned off and “wakes it up” to provide you with remote access.

The ability to remotely wake-up your computer is especially important to businesses that want to provide employees with remote access to workstations. Instead of leaving their computer on when leaving at night, for the weekend or for vacation, employees can shut their PCs down and still be confident that they can access their important files at anytime. Not only does this save on electricity; but also enhances security since there can be no unauthorized access to a shut down PC.

Studies have shown that the cost of leaving a single computer on all the time can be upwards of $15.00 a month per PC. For businesses with many computers, the cost can quickly add up. In the past, companies were forced to live with high electricity bills as part of the price of providing remote access for employees. This has all changed with I’m InTouch Premium. Instead of leaving all your computers on, a single PC can be used to “wake-up” any computer in your office when needed, dramatically reducing your electricity bill.

Central Administration – control and manage all your PCs from a single
web page

I’m InTouch Premium also includes new central administration controls that allow for multiple computers to be managed and accessed from a single screen. Companies can now designate a user as the administrator of their I’m InTouch Premium account. The administrator can login to the account’s administration page, which lists all the computers associated with the account and their online status. They can then access any computer with a single click to perform maintenance or provide support. From the same web page, the administrator can access the online billing system to purchase or cancel licenses, add and remove users, or suspend licenses.

Dedicated Account Manager – let us worry about all your remote access

Adding further value for businesses is the inclusion of a dedicated Account Manager at no additional charge. Each I’m InTouch Premium customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager that they can call directly to receive immediate assistance. The Account Manager’s primary responsibility is to ensure a hassle-free experience for the customer right from their first call.

I’m InTouch Premium is designed to be a remote access solution that any business can deploy without making any compromises. Everything is managed by 01 Communique so there are no concerns for customers regarding upgrades, downtime, maintenance, or compatibility issues. Once a business signs up for the service, they can have access to their computers within minutes.


New users can try out I’m InTouch Premium free of charge for 30 days without any limitation to the software by signing up at www.imintouch.com/premium_trial_setup.asp A subscription to the service starts at $12.95 monthly or $129.95 annually per license with group discounts available for multiple licenses.