Bioscrypt Inc., a leading provider of
identity verification technology, today announced the introduction of VeriSoft
Access Manager USB Flash Drive Edition. Individuals using a USB drive with
Bioscrypt technology and a finger scan reader will never struggle to remember
their passwords on the road or at their desktop

VeriSoft Access Manager USB Flash Drive Edition is the latest Bioscrypt
offering developed to address the need for increased convenience and security
for access to information technology. This technology is designed to be
installed and distributed on USB flash drive devices for users to store
information, applications and credentials on a removable and secure portable
device. Among the benefits of the new solution is strong Single Sign-On (SSO)
user authentication, transparent file and directory encryption and a secure
electronic wallet for storing online shopping and bill payment information.

All files load directly from the USB drive, eliminating concerns that
sensitive data will be left on a public device.

“The VeriSoft Access Manager USB Flash Drive Edition liberates people
from the onerous practice of having to remember the multiple passwords they
need every day,” stated Robert L. Williams, President and CEO of Bioscrypt
Inc. “With the launch of this new product, Bioscrypt is expanding its
offerings for information technology access control and further delivering on
Bioscrypt’s vision of providing more simple yet significantly more secure
access from Door to Desktop.”

“Infineon has been working with Bioscrypt to support our common goal of
providing a safer computing environment, embedding a version of their Access
Manager technology on to our Trusted Platform Module to provide the
world’s only comprehensive hardware and software solution compliant with the
Trusted Computing Group 1.2 specification,” said Joerg Borchert, VP of Chip
Card and Security, Infineon Technologies North America. “We believe the
Bioscrypt technology added to other devices, including the newly introduced
USB Flash Drive Edition, can benefit organizations and individuals searching
for added convenience and security in their computing.”

Today, USB flash drives offer the power of a modest hard drive, the
portability of a key fob, and the plug-and play simplicity of a modern
peripheral. The functionality provided by VeriSoft USB Flash Drive Edition
makes information, such as digital pictures, MP3 files and PowerPoint
presentations, available to a new computer. Then through VeriSoft Access
Manager’s SSO functionality, usernames and passwords required for accessing
websites and applications are entered automatically, removing the need to
remember them. The user can plug the USB flash drive into any PC and the
VeriSoft Access Manager self-installs, launches automatically and the user is
prompted to sign-in.

Invisible to the user, VeriSoft Access Manager automatically centralizes
password replacement, consolidates user identities and secures vital company
information. All data in the Secure Data Repository is encrypted to provide
another layer of security protection should the USB key be lost or stolen.
Once the USB drive is removed from a PC it leaves no trace of the data,
passwords or files accessed.

VeriSoft Access Manager USB Flash Drive Edition supports multifactor user
authentication. USB drives equipped with biometric identity verification
technology may use this for SSO verification