Based on a consortium of open source Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) led by Red Hat, the Open Source Channel Alliance is aimed at delivering the value of open source technologies to a large base of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators through an expanded partnership with SYNNEX. SYNNEX has signed agreements with the nine founding ISV members to distribute a variety of open source ISV applications in addition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware.

“Through the formation of the Open Source Channel Alliance, we are making investments in open source because of the trusted solutions and potential for significant cost savings that it brings to the marketplace–two factors that, we believe, will drive open source adoption in the mid-market,” commented Peter Larocque, president of U.S. distribution at SYNNEX Corporation. “This alliance will enable us to provide complete open source solution packages that can deliver the kind of return-on-investment that our customers require, especially given the current economic environment.”

SYNNEX’ commitment and investment in open source solutions through the establishment of the alliance is a major validation point for open source. The series of partnerships map out a new opportunity for SYNNEX. As the first distributor to partner with an entire group of open source ISVs, SYNNEX can offer its resellers end-to-end solutions, utilizing the advantages of an open source platform.

“This is a very exciting time for open source in the channel. Our expanded partnership with SYNNEX allows us to create a scalable way to bring the power of open source solutions to a wider range of resellers. SYNNEX has a deep understanding of how to leverage the channel markets and there is a surge of demand for open source, so our partnership is well timed to meet market dynamics,” said Roger Egan, vice president of channel sales, North America, Red Hat.

Charter members of the Open Source Channel Alliance are: Alfresco, EnterpriseDB, Ingres, Jaspersoft, Likewise, Pentaho, Zmanda, Zenoss and Zimbra. Red Hat has identified this group of companies as providers of enterprise-ready, open source applications and solutions that are supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware, so SYNNEX’ network of resellers can be assured that they are bringing proven open source solutions to their customers.

Currently the Open Source Channel Alliance is available in the North American markets and is expected to be open to additional open source ISVs in the future. Open source applications within the alliance will be available to SYNNEX’ more than 15,000 resellers.

“As a long-time Red Hat business partner and SYNNEX customer, we are excited about the establishment of the Open Source Channel Alliance. Until now, having access to a broad set of open source tools hasn’t been available; it was up to the reseller to bring it all together. The alliance will fill that need and serve as a convergence point for market-leading, open source application providers that will simplify and streamline the process for reselling complete end-to-end solutions through the distribution channel,” said Joe Dickman, managing director, Vizuri. “Delivering the value of a complete open source solution set to our customers will be easier than ever and will help clear the way for continued open source adoption.”

“Our customers need the value inherent in open source solutions, especially in this economy when IT budgets are shrinking. We are committed to providing that value and working through SYNNEX and the Open Source Channel Alliance will help us deliver on that promise,” said John Barnes, executive director of sales, Groupware Technology. “At Groupware, we are focused on solving strategic business problems and providing leadership to our customers. We see end-to-end open source solutions as a way to do that.”