Start by knowing the 12 trends that will determine your future in the IT Channel. If you do not know what is happening and what is coming around the corner, you may just get blindsided. When you are in the know, you will see the opportunities everywhere. These are crazy times, but also exciting times.

This is my shared vision on the future of the channel that I have built from decades of service in the channel and working with thousands of partners. As I learn and verify new trends affecting the channel, I am always adjusting my presentation, which is currently at version 3.1.

After every presentation, I either get nods or more input to fine-tune further. I am sure some you already know, but as a total body of work, you may get a clearer big picture that could help you to better future-proof your business.

This is important information for VARs, MSPs and Vendors to know!

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