LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox Holds 80 Hours of Video, 5,000 Songs, or 100,000 Photos
The palm-sized 20GB RD2780 RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox is a world full of entertainment at one’s fingertips – enabling movie and music buffs to easily transport hours worth of their favourite content in their coat pocket. About the size of a small picture frame with a 3.5-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD screen, the RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox also acts as a computer storage device, is compatible with multiple audio and video codecs, and can be easily connected to most standard television sets for analogue playback. Measuring a compact 5.2×3.14×1 inches, and weighing only 13 ounces, the versatile RD2780 can play mp3 files, can be upgraded with a future download for mp3PRO playback, and is fully compatible with Windows Media Audio files.

The RD2780 contains a built-in MPEG-4 encoder and decoder, enabling consumers to watch up to 80 hours of pre-recorded television shows, feature films, or home videos directly on the 3.5-inch screen. It also can easily connect to a television set via an analogue composite video output. With its built-in, separate audio and video recording modes, recording on the device is quick and easy. Since the device is essentially a computer peripheral with a hard drive, the display screen can also be used to organize digital audio music files or other types of stored data, including computer files such as word processing documents and presentations. The RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox is also a portable pocket photo album, since JPEG images can be viewed on the RD2780, by either transferring them directly from the PC using a USB 2.0 high-speed connection or by inserting a Compact Flash memory card. The robust hard drive in the RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox can accommodate up to 100,000 JPEG photo images.

“Consumers who have embraced the versatility and convenience of digital content are searching for multifunctional products that enable them to maximize their digital entertainment experience, while providing an overall value,” said Janet Langille, marketing manager, audio products in Canada “Adding video functionality to the RCA LYRA digital audio product completes the final piece of the puzzle for digital enthusiasts seeking an A/V device that lets them easily load, organize and manage their content quickly and easily. That makes the RCA LYRA Audio/Video Jukebox a perfect fit.”

Using the enclosed MusicMatch management software, the world’s most popular jukebox software, consumers can also organize hundreds of hours of mp3 audio files using ID3 tag song data to display artist, album, song title and genre. Music fans can listen to their collection of mp3 files using one of nine playback modes, including normal play, shuffle and repeat, or by programming their own playlists. While listening to music files, the consumer can also navigate through the library using the interactive on-screen displays and “tag” songs he or she would like to hear later, or delete from the device.

Other convenience features include auto resume, which “remembers” the track location and volume setting when the power was shut off, and returns to that same spot when the power is returned. Adding to the overall value of the RD2780 are the included AC/DC adapter, “ear bud” style stereo headphones, an audio/video patch cable, and a carrying pouch. The RD2780’s car kit provides hours of audio entertainment through a cassette adapter. The RD2780 will be available this fall at a suggested Canadian retail price of $699.99.

RCA LYRA Micro Jukebox Packs Powerful Storage
Sure to make a splash in the hard drive music jukebox market is the 1.5GB RCA LYRA Micro Jukebox, which holds 25 hours of music, or 500 songs, on a miniature, one-inch hard drive. Weighing a scant three ounces and measuring less than 2.5 inches square and 1.12 inches thick, the RD2760 is about the same size as a pager. It plays mp3, mp3PRO and Windows Media Audio files. The device can hold up to 30 compressed CDs, and can also store other types of computer files including word processing documents and presentations on its built-in hard drive. The consumer’s digital music library is quickly transferred using a USB 2.0 connection, and the six-line, backlit display shows the artist, song title and elapsed time. The RD2760 supports Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP and supports Mac OS X with drag and drop functionality. The RD2760 can play for up to 12 hours with its Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. A MusicMatch software CD-ROM, AC/DC adapter, “ear bud” style stereo headphones, and sports armband are all included. The 1.5GB RCA LYRA Micro Jukebox is currently available at a suggested Canadian retail price of $379.99.

Next Generation LYRA mp3 Jukebox
The RCA LYRA mp3 Jukebox underwent a major makeover for 2003, sporting a new, compact design and metallic silver finish, and a storage capacity boost, now holding up to 10,000 songs. The new 40GB RCA LYRA mp3 Jukebox, model RD2840, includes a USB 2.0 connection for high speed transfers, on standard USB connections, and up to 15 hours of battery playback. The RD2840 is equipped to play mp3, mp3PRO and Windows Media Audio files, and comes with a full accessories kit, including a stereo line-out cable for connection to home audio systems, and a car kit playback adapter. Since it is also a hard-drive computer peripheral, the RD2840 can store word processing documents and presentations, and is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP and Mac OS (drag and drop only). The RD2840 also features LYRA SYNC, which can be set up so data on the device and PC stay synchronized, even when files are moved or deleted. The RD2840 is currently available at a suggested Canadian retail price of $499.99.

mp3s in Your Pocket
Delivering hours of entertainment in a miniature package, two new pocket mp3 digital players round out the new additions to the portable RCA LYRA product line. The 128MB RD1071 and 64MB RD1021 both feature a fast USB connection, are compatible with mp3, mp3PRO (with a future software download) and Windows Media Audio files and feature a memory expansion slot for an MMC or SD memory card, providing additional storage options.

Weighing only 1.5 ounces, the two units feature ultra compact designs and have a brushed aluminium finish. The multi-functional LCD display indicates track number, play mode (Normal, Repeat All, Shuffle, Shuffle Repeat, Program or Repeat Program) and battery indicator. Other features include five DSP modes (Flat, Bass, Pop, Rock or Jazz), enclosed e.clipz clip-style headphones and sports armband. The RD1071 has a suggested Canadian retail price of $199.99 and the RD1021 has a suggested Canadian retail price of $149.99. Both models are currently available.