Raritan announced a virtual version of its CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG) appliance that provides centralized, secure access to IT equipment to help data centers remotely diagnose and resolve IT equipment issues quickly and reduce server management costs.

Leveraging VMware technology, the new virtual management solution delivers all the functionalities of CommandCenter Secure Gateway's hardware-based appliances that enable IT administrators to manage entire IT infrastructures using a single Web-browser interface. The comprehensive solution serves as a centralized gateway for managing both virtual and physical servers, embedded service processors, serial devices (such as routers, firewalls and Ethernet switches) and power management devices.

“Server virtualization has gained ground in data centers because of its success in reducing hardware costs and related expenses. We added a virtual model to our CommandCenter Secure Gateway portfolio to enable customers to take advantage of their existing servers in order to save money and space," said Derek Finch, Product Manager at Raritan. “Our CC-SG solution, whether deployed as a virtual or hardware appliance, delivers unparalleled performance, scalability and flexibility in managing IT resources without leaving the CC-SG GUI."

CC-SG provides unified visibility and a single point of secure access and control to all types of IT equipment — at the application, operating system and BIOS levels. Users can easily choose the type of remote access most useful to them for the task at hand — including in-band and out-of-band KVM, Serial, embedded or in-band software applications.

Virtual Appliances Deliver Cost and Operational Benefits For IT groups that have moved to a virtual environment – or are moving in that direction – deploying virtual appliances, instead of dedicated rack-mount solutions, means added convenience and lower costs. In many cases, server space is available — meaning that additional hardware, cabling and network setup is not needed. And, because there is no hardware, the Virtual CC-SG solution includes a lower starting price. Administrators can also leverage the flexibility of virtual solutions; physical deployment, failover options and other choices allow for a more customized implementation. Even further costs are saved by using virtual failover features, instead of buying two dedicated hardware appliances and related licensing.

Both Hardware and Virtual CC-SG Models Excel at Managing Virtual Servers

The fluidity of moving applications among virtualized servers has added extra management complexity — requiring data centers to assess how best to access servers, and handle security and authorization. In many cases, managing a virtual server may require several management tools. In order to deliver accurate, real-time IT infrastructure views, CC-SG keeps tabs on the migration of data between virtual and physical machines. For more on managing virtual environments, visit



Virtual CommandCenter Secure Gateway (Virtual CC-SG) is available starting today. Virtual CC-SG runs on VMware vSphere version 4.0. Basic license configuration for Virtual CC-SG starts at 128 nodes, and add-on licenses are available. A free evaluation version is available at