At the time of writing, there are 333,746 known
and reported hacked sites (source: Many of those sites
actually belong to legitimate companies that are unaware of hacks that have
been planted on their site.

Nerds On Site now scans every one of their hosted client websites, every
single business day to detect hacking activity.

Essentially the scan consists of comparison of current web pages and code
with previously-scanned versions. Additional tools as well as human
intervention will flag a website or web page with an alert and immediate
remedial actions are taken. The customer is then notified of the event, access
credentials are changed and further investigation is explored into how the
attack took place.

In addition, Nerds On Site is actively developing a deep-level
malware-scanning service that is designed to monitor customers’ websites for
changes that contain malware. In the same manner as most Windows users are
accustomed to having anti-virus software on their systems, these servers
containing websites will intelligently look for websites containing malicious
code of any sort.

In this age of security consciousness, Nerds On Site believes proactive
security measures are a necessary element for every website, personal or