Excel Software has delivered QuickHelp 4.0 to author application help in any language that runs on Mac OS X or Windows computers. Help authoring requires no programming experience or HTML knowledge. Version 4.0 adds Unicode text to support any human language, the Merge Help tool to distribute work and combine help files and the Convert Language tool to help automate the process of translating a help system into other human languages.

To enable help authors to support any language, the text visible to end-users is stored as Unicode in a platform neutral file. A richly formatted help file can be authored on Mac or Windows, then distributed royalty-free and viewed on any Mac or Windows computer.

The Merge Help tool allows sections of the help system to be independently authored and combined into a single help file with an integrated table of contents, index, tables, actions, lists and image library. Common help topics can be authored and maintained once and merged into the main help file for different products.

The Convert Language tool can simplify the process of authoring a help system for multiple human languages. A Translation file can be exported from an existing help file. This Unicode text file is sent to a human language translator to convert text string from the original to the new language with any word processor. The Convert Language tool imports the completed Translation file to apply all text strings to the selected help file.

Help topics can be formatted with fonts, colors, images, lists, tables and actions. User initiated actions may include conditional hyperlinks, launch applications, present web pages, play movies, run COM methods, send apple events, run AppleScripts or paste text into the clipboard. Software developers can integrate and control help information from their applications.

The help file can have conditional topics and text to present a customized user experience based on the computer platform or product options. The help window has an expandable table of contents, web browser like navigation, index and search capabilities. QuickHelp automatically maintains the table of contents, index, search capabilities and link management. This allows the help author to focus on real product information.

QuickHelp Windows and QuickHelp MacOSX are $395 each with dual platform and site license discounts available. Each package includes the Builder, Merge Help and Convert Language tools to author and view help files plus the royalty-free viewer executables. The printed manual, PDF manual and integrated help provide developer information and examples. Visit the company web site for a product description, downloadable trial or secure online ordering.