Quest Software, Inc. today announced the release of Quest JClass® ServerViews 5.0, a set of server-side Java components for adding professional-quality charts and reports to servlet, JSP and J2EE applications. Featuring new Microsoft Word compatible (RTF) output and an all-new JSP tag library, JClass ServerViews 5.0 improves developer productivity and adds new flexibility to reports generated from J2EE application servers and server-based Java applications.

“Server-side Java developers need components that enable them to build high-quality applications more quickly and easily, and JClass ServerViews 5.0 delivers on this vision,” said Larry Humphries, vice president of development solutions, Quest Software. “The new JSP tag library will save chart developers huge amounts of time, and the new RTF output gives report developers new flexibility to offer their end-users.”

Quest JClass ServerViews is a set of server-side Java components that brings professional, dynamic charts and rich print-ready documents from your J2EE application to the web browsers of an entire network of end-users. Proven in enterprise applications around the globe, award-winning JClass ServerViews helps Java developers build professional-class applications quickly and cost-effectively, and integrates with leading J2EE application servers including IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Oracle Application Server and JBoss.

Quest JClass ServerViews includes JClass ServerChart, a robust and scalable Java component for server-side charting, and JClass ServerReport, a 100 percent Java server-side component library that dynamically generates high-quality custom printable documents. JClass ServerViews 5.0 includes the following enhancements:

*JClass ServerReport now offers RTF output in addition to Adobe PDF. Designed to be opened by Microsoft Word, RTF output enables end-users to edit or further augment reports generated by JClass ServerReport.

*JClass ServerChart now includes its own JSP (JavaServer Pages) tag library, which makes rich charts dramatically easier for web page authors to create. Authors can now change and customize chart properties with simple tags instead of having to write Java code.

*JClass ServerReport now provides better control for tables, new support for generating encrypted PDF documents and an improved WYSIWYG report design tool with improved templating and enhanced previewing.

*JClass ServerChart now offers greatly enhanced grid and tick options and other visual and functional improvements to both charts and the visual chart design tool.

“Java components are a proven technology and a great way to quickly add high-quality functionality to server- or client-side Java applications,” said Mark Driver, vice president and research director, Gartner Inc. “IT developers creating servlet, JSP or J2EE applications should look for 100 percent pure server-side Java component libraries that are designed to work with J2EE application servers. Scalable and robust components are particularly important for high-volume web-based Java enterprise applications.”

Also announced today is the release of Quest JClass DesktopViews 6.3, an updated release of Quest Software’s comprehensive collection of J2SE client-side Java components.

Pricing and Availability
Quest JClass ServerViews 5.0 and Quest JClass DesktopViews 6.3 are available now. Pricing starts at $3,000 for Quest JClass ServerChart or Quest JClass ServerReport. Pricing for Quest JClass DesktopViews starts at $3,100. To learn more about Quest JClass, or to obtain a free evaluation copy, please visit