Quantum Corp., a proven global expert in data protection and big data management, today unveiled a new family of wide area storage solutions, Lattus, which provides globally distributed disk-based archives that are extremely scalable and cost-effective, and allows storage of data forever on disk without interruption or migration. Integrating dispersed object storage and Quantum file system technologies, these solutions offer a new approach to archiving that overcomes the limitations and inefficiencies posed by traditional disk architectures in multi-petabyte storage environments. Lattus-X, the first product in the Lattus family, is a wide area storage solution with NAS access that will be generally available next month. In addition, Quantum plans to introduce two other Lattus solutions in 2013, a policy-tiered disk archive storage system leveraging the company’s StorNext Storage Manager software and a cloud-based disk archive offering.

Benefits of Wide Area Storage Solutions

Lattus is built to address the challenges inherent in current solutions based on RAID architectures

that grow to the petabyte level and beyond in industries such as digital media, science research, surveillance and energy exploration. Incorporating next-generation object storage technology, Lattus products are optimized for managing large and growing repositories of big data indefinitely, thereby enabling customers to extract the data’s maximum value over its entire life. Other benefits include:

· Unparalleled scalability to support flexible big data growth;

· Self-healing, with up to fifteen 9’s of durability to ensure data is never lost;

· Self-migration for seamless upgrades to new storage technologies;

· Native HTTP REST support for web and cloud-based access; and

· Cost-effective enterprise archive capability across global locations.

Initial Lattus Products

Lattus-X provides flexible NAS access to a disk-based archive that begins at half a petabyte in capacity and supports unlimited scalability per system. It is ideal for multi-site organizations that must cost effectively share and archive large data files and maintain fast ingest and predictable retrieval times. In addition to native HTTP REST access, Lattus-X also provides CIFS/NFS access for users and applications.

Quantum’s second Lattus product – Lattus M – will leverage the robust policy-based benefits of StorNext Storage Manager. Available in the first half of 2013, Lattus-M will enable customers to have a new secondary storage tier option that offers lower latency and more predictable restore times than tape at a price appropriate for long-term storage. In addition to providing policy-based tiering to traditional disk and tape, StorNext will be able to migrate data automatically to a Lattus-based disk archive.

Later in 2013, in conjunction with partners, Quantum plans to introduce a set of Lattus-based services that will enable shared multi-tenant, encrypted storage – with a combination of NAS, StorNext and native cloud interfaces – as a 2nd or 3rd tier in the cloud.

Pricing and Availability

Lattus-X will be available in December from Quantum and its qualified resellers and partners. List price for the Lattus-X base system, which stores 500 TB of big data, is expected to begin at $675,000

Supporting Quotes

Terri McClure, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group

“Traditional RAID architectures are not designed to support the performance, availability and sheer scale required by big data archives. Quantum’s decision to enhance its big data solutions by incorporating next generation object storage technology is a smart move and adds a compelling new product line to their portfolio. Building on a proven track record of StorNext products in key big data markets, Quantum’s new Lattus line significantly strengthens the company’s strategic position in this space.”

Janae Stow Lee, senior vice president, Filesystem and Archive Products, Quantum

“Quantum has helped customers solve Big Data challenges for over two decades with tiered storage solutions that integrate disk and tape technologies. With our new wide area storage solutions, we’re expanding our Big Data portfolio to include a new class of storage that utilizes next-gen object storage to significantly exceed the capacity, durability, and geographical limits of RAID while delivering 100% predictable restore times often not met with tape. With our Lattus family, we’re now able to provide global disk archives for data that must live forever, be cost-effectively accessible, and stored once on a system with no need for future migrations.”