QOS Networks announced next-generation offerings that enable multi-cloud access, edge security, and network analytics to maximize return on investment. This includes delivering a managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) offering to their customers through expanded partnerships with market-leading SD-WAN platforms.

QOS Networks is a managed network services provider that specializes in the deployment, management and enhanced visibility of the edge stack including SD-WAN, Security, WIFI and more. Gartner is predicting that up to 30% of enterprises will adopt SASE-derived architecture as a foundation for their security approach by 2025. As market demand continues to increase for secure and diverse solutions, the QOS Networks Intelligent Network Platform provides customers visibility across their multi-cloud and security infrastructure, delivering superior solutions that maximize efficiency and productivity.

QOS Networks has partnered with the top SD-WAN solutions available in the market, including VMware SD-WAN, Versa Networks and Palo Alto Networks, to design and deliver the right technical and financial solutions to enterprises.

QOS Networks stands apart from other managed services offerings by delivering a platform that uses telemetry data transformed into constant network surveillance. Designed with a Cloud native Architecture, the QOS Intelligent Network Platform uses a robust set of APIs to observe the network and leverages machine learning. By understanding the behavior and signature of the network, QOS can offer better proactive network management, dynamic thresholds for identifying network anomalies, and correlation to simplify root cause analysis and resolve network alerts more quickly.

Gartner views SD-WAN and SASE as key technologies to help enterprises transform their networks from fragile to agile, predicting nearly 52% of IT spend from 2020 focused on security services. QOS Networks has added solutions to their Intelligent Network Platform that cater to customers focused on enhancing their network security posture. The QOS Managed SASE offering, the Secure Network Edge, focuses on leveraging network segmentation, routing, next-gen firewall capabilities, and identity access and management to deliver higher quality security offerings, all managed and monitored through the Intelligent Network Platform. The latest integration of new SD-WAN supported platforms and the Secure Edge is focused on protecting data by detecting threats in the network, monitoring across cloud environments, and focusing on user experience across the board, turning the network into a risk-aware ecosystem.

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