Pure Technologies Ltd. announced that Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Laurel, Maryland ("WSSC") has approved the issue of a US$7.75 million change order to an existing US$9 million, 3-year engineering services contract with Openaka, a division of a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pure Technologies Ltd. ("Pure"). The change order covers an expansion of the inspection, assessment and monitoring program, which commenced in 2009. The program includes the deployment of Pure's SmartBall(R), P-Wave and SoundPrint(R) AFO acoustic fibre-optic monitoring technologies. The work covered by the change order is expected to be completed within the next eighteen months, whereupon WSSC has an option to increase the contract by up to US$9 million for a further three-year period.

Within the past few weeks, Pure and its subsidiaries have also been awarded a number of other projects worth approximately $5.5 million.