Pure Play has introduced something that will completely change the way unsigned artists and indie acts get their music played commercially. Pure Play Music provides independent artists with access to broad new distribution channels to introduce their music to the world — and monetize it.

Developers at Pure Play Music have been working non-stop on the new, Web-based music platform in preparation of its United States and worldwide launch slated for Aug. 20. Their splash page serves as a sneak peek of their transformative business model that will unhinge the existing way unsigned bands capitalize on their talent.

The company’s online portal, http://www.pureplaymusic.com/, allows unknown and independent artists to easily upload their music. They can also utilize Pure Play’s unique music distribution channels in order to gain airplay, create awareness, connect with new fans, and generate royalties.
Pure Play currently has agreements in hand to expose independent artists and their music to a retail environment of more than 20,000 stores worldwide. Pure Play has six retail radio stations delivered via satellite or online, serving retailers across Europe. Pure Play has plans to expand quickly throughout the world.

“Pure Play Music offers independent artists an immediate strategy for creating consumer awareness of their music, thus monetizing their talent and efforts,” says Alex Grange, CEO of Pure Play Music. “Retail chains throughout Europe and the U.K. are delivering vast exposure for independent artists, something that could never be achieved through MySpace or other online opportunities.”
In addition, Pure Play Music offers artists an unprecedented opportunity to earn as much as 40 percent of the revenue generated from the sale of “hear it, buy it” compilation CDs and MP3s at stores playing Pure Play’s catalogues.
Pure Play has already completed independent music projects for clients including:

— HSBC, a major multinational financial institution, which used an exclusive Internet-based new music promotion managed by Pure Play Music to secure a bigger share of the competitive student banking sector and encourage Internet banking.

— WH Smith, which had such a good reaction to Pure Play Music playing in stores that it championed development of the “hear it, buy it” solution. “Hear it, buy it” offers customers an opportunity to purchase tracks heard either physically or digitally.

— DSG, Europe’s largest electrical retailer, which used Pure Play Music for its in-store audio demonstration discs. It’s seen an amazing reaction to its own branded mp3 players preloaded with Pure Play Music. In a recent trial, the 1 million mp3 players were completely sold out in a six-week period.
In addition to retail in-store airplay and CD sales, Pure Play is introducing a range of other distribution channels, including commercials, video games, and an online store where artists can sell their music directly to the public. This allows them to retain complete control and 100 percent of the royalties generated through the sale of their music.

“In-store music continues to be a major differentiator for retailers to create a shopping experience,” says Grange. “But in today’s music world, independent artists define what is new, hip, and trendy. We are the only music outlet that enables retailers to stay ahead of the curve by providing surprising, trendy music and experiences that make shoppers linger longer and create strong brand connections based on the most powerful medium of all: music.

“At the same time, we have quickly penetrated major retailers because they can differentiate their shopping experience with new, fresh sounds, while reducing their cost to license music by 80 percent by using new independent artists instead of mainstream acts. We have found that retail airplay, along with online, movie, commercial, and video game placement services, provides a huge revenue opportunity for artists who sign with Pure Play on a non-exclusive basis to merchandise their music through alternative venues.”

By signing with Pure Play Music, independent artists also retain control of the future direction of their careers. With Pure Play and its non-exclusive arrangements with artists, they are free to sign with any other label they choose. Upon signing by a major label, Pure Play Music retains rights to distribute the artists’ music for up to 90 days through its alternative channels.

The company’s radio stations can be heard online at http://www.pureplaymusic.com/, a place where artists can create their profiles and socially network with other artists, as well as their fan base.

“We have finally cracked the code by introducing independent artists to new audiences worldwide, thus providing them with an income stream based on the quality of their work,” concluded Grange.

Pure Play Music became a freshly minted public company this month, trading under the ticker symbol PPML.PK.

About Pure Play Music

Pure Play currently features and promotes over 6,000 acts from a total of 42 countries, all of which have been through the stringent Pure Play A&R selection and legal process. Artists grant Pure Play specific non-exclusive commercial rights to their music. The Pure Play Web site allows access to the main radio broadcast, six genre-specific music streams, on-demand music tracks, artist pages, business directories, news articles, download store, international gig guide, and numerous other features, all of which contribute to an average page view quantity per visitor only exceeded by a few established online communities. Under development for launch for the end of 2008 is “Pure Play People,” the Pure Play social networking platform believed to be the next generation of both social networking and radio broadcasting.