Printronix Inc.
today launched the latest addition to its No. 1-selling line
matrix printer family: the Zero Tear ( pedestal
printers. Printronix created the Zero Tear printers for applications
requiring precise accounting of all forms or for forms that are simply too
expensive to waste. These models (P5000ZT) allow users to print from the
first to the last line on every form and then tear it off without losing any
forms in between.

“Our Zero Tear printers meet a critical need for applications involving
expensive media, specifically applications requiring the accurate accounting
of all forms, such as controlled documents and pre-numbered forms,” said Andy
Chapman, chief technical officer and senior vice president, engineering and
product marketing, Printronix. “High-end serial matrix printers have served
these markets in the past but with limitations. Printronix’s new Zero Tear
line matrix printers support the most common serial matrix printer emulations
and can replace these models to give users greater accountability, higher-
volume printing and lower cost.”

Twelve Times Less Expensive
The Zero Tear line matrix printers offer a tremendous consumable cost
savings over serial matrix printers. The Zero Tear’s spool ribbons are up to
8 times less expensive than the ribbon cartridges found on serial matrix
printers. In addition, serial matrix print heads are consumables that need
frequent replacements and typically cost $400, or more, plus the expense of a
service call. Adding this to the cost of ribbons, and a serial matrix
printer’s consumable cost can be up to 12 times more expensive to than
Printronix’s Zero Tear printer. For high volume applications, this will give
the Zero Tear printers the edge when comparing total cost of ownership.

Legacy of Success
Printronix’s Zero Tear printers have retained the ruggedness and
reliability users have come to expect from Printronix’s line matrix printer
family — the world’s No. 1-selling line matrix printer. Built on Printronix
System Architecture (PSA) platform, Zero Tear printers are guaranteed to be
100 percent compatible with all current Printronix line matrix (P5000)
applications and support a wide range of connectivity options.
In addition, these Zero Tear models feature Printronix’s PrintNet
remote management system. PrintNet Enterprise makes Zero Tear printers the
ideal solution for centrally managed, large distributed print environments.
The models give users remote diagnosis and repair; instant alerts for
consumables outages and troubled printing; and total enterprise quality and
consistency through mass configuration.

Distributed Printing on the Go
Zero Tear printers feature oversized casters and optional PrintNet
Enterprise wireless Ethernet interface. These two features allow users to
move Zero Tear printers quickly and easily. Plus, the ability to print single
sheets on demand enables a shift from batch printing to printing where output
is needed, at the time it is needed.

Pricing and Availability
Printronix customers can place orders for the Zero Tear printers today.
The P5005ZT 500 lines per minute (lpm) printer is $5,820, and the P5010ZT
1,000 lpm printer is $8,275. Printronix will begin shipment of orders by
April 30.