Printronix Inc. today unveiled its extensive SmartLine(TM) (SL) printer family,
the newest addition to its evolving RFID solutions offering for retail and
defense suppliers marching toward impending RFID adoption mandates.

SmartLine family includes two RFID Smart Label Printers, an enhanced Smart
Label Developer’s Kit (DK), a thermal Smart Ready (SR) field-upgradeable
printer and two RFID upgrade kits.

“Our RFID message to customers is simple: We’re ready with the industry’s
best RFID printing technology when you are,” said Brad Jarvis, director,
Product Marketing, Printronix. “Our new SL5000e(TM) Smart Label Developer’s
Kit addresses the greatest hurdle companies face today: getting started easily
and cost-efficiently. Our SmartLine SL5000e printers deliver the latest
innovations in RF encoding to address live rollout of a range of supply chain
and compliance applications. The new Smart Ready model of our T5000e(TM)
thermal printer allows you to continue to deploy industry-leading thermal
printer technology today and acquire RFID upgrade kits as your product mix of
tagged goods increases. In addition, we’ve created two upgrade kits to let
you choose the right RFID technology for your applications.”

SL5000e — RFID Smart(TM) Label Printers Give Choice of Encoding

Printronix has been a pioneer in assisting early RFID adopters to
establish pilot programs and this knowledge is reflected in its SL5000e
offering, Jarvis said. The SL5000e RFID printers provide encoding and
printing of multiple label sizes and tag antenna designs that have emerged as
popular standards through some of the first pilot programs.

The two models provide customers with a choice of encoding technologies:

* SL5000e MP — This model contains the AWID multiprotocol encoder and
provides redundant capabilities to address applications that require
Electronic Product Code (EPC(TM)) Class 0, 0+ and 1 standards. The MP
is ideal for customers who want the most flexibility and a solid
migration path to future standards. It also can help a supplier that
wants to standardize on a single model for environments with mixed
class applications.

* SL5000e C1 — This model features the Alien Class 1 encoder and
provides capabilities to address applications that require an
optimized EPC Class 1 standard solution. The C1 is ideal for
customers who want to match Class 1 reader and tag technology from
Alien Technology Inc.

Both SL5000e models can support a range of label sizes: 4X2, 4X4, 4X6,
4X8 or 3X3 with various antenna designs: Alien “Squiggle,” Alien “M-Tag” and
Rafsec “Psychedelic”. In addition, the MP supports Matrics’ “Dual Dipole”
Class 0 and 0+.

SL5000e DK — Encode and Print RFID Smart Labels Right out of the Box

The Printronix Smart Label Developer’s Kit provides a cost-effective set
of tools integrated with an RFID printer to enable users to encode and print
smart labels. This system lets users test label read rates and label
placement on various products in preparation for their pilot programs. It
contains everything necessary to begin the encoding of smart labels:

* Multiprotocol RFID thermal printer (SL5000e MP)

* Two rolls of certified smart labels

* Software migration tools that permit seamless smart label encoding

* PrintNet(R) Enterprise Ethernet connectivity

* One 625-millimeter thermal ribbon

* Application notes

* Technical support

* Programming manuals

The kit also includes Printronix PrintNet Enterprise software, a
Web-enabled remote network print management system that provides instantaneous
visibility to every network printer. This function allows users to
simultaneously configure and efficiently manage an unlimited number of
Printronix printers.

In addition, EPC-compliant smart labels are guaranteed. When users are
ready to advance their RFID pilots to the encoding of EPC labels, the Smart
Label Developer’s Kit will grow with them. Printronix’s software migration
tools include an EPC tool built into the printer, allowing the use of any
existing label design software to create an EPC RFID tag. These tools support
both PGL and ZPL(TM) data streams. The printer also comes with a complete set
of programming manuals.

T5000e SR — Best of Thermal Printing with Future-Forward RFID Technology
Printronix’s market-leading thermal printer now can be upgraded easily to
RFID technology. According to Jarvis, it’s a small part of Printronix’s
commitment to provide solutions that keep pace with RFID adoption and provide
a migration path to new EPC standards. The new T5000e SR is a specifically
configured version of the T5000e thermal printer that allows for easy field
upgradeability to RFID encoding. It allows a customer to acquire RFID upgrade
kits as needed.

SL5000e RFID Upgrade Kits — Assure Asset Protection as Pilots Progress
Complementing the T5000e thermal printer, the Printronix SmartLine RFID
Upgrade Kit allows companies to purchase the thermal printers they need today
without worrying how they will fit into future RFID plans. This upgrade path
provides asset protection on thermal printer purchases made during the pilot
and early adoption phase of RFID technology.

“The technical evaluation, pilot and adoption activities for RFID will
require IT professionals to employ a phased approach,” Jarvis said.
“Printronix understands this and provides unique programs and products that
allow users to manage thermal and RFID printer installations over the coming

The SmartLine RFID Upgrade Kits have everything needed to upgrade T5000e
SR into either a multiprotocol or EPC Class 1 optimized printer.

Seamlessly Transition from UPC or GTIN Barcodes to Smart Labels
Printronix’s unique RFID software migration tools will allow users to
migrate between the printing of Universal Product Code (UPC) and Global Trade
Item Number (GTIN) bar code labels to encoding smart labels. These tools
include a suite of applications that convert standard UPC or GTIN print
streams into RFID encoder commands. These encode the UPC or GTIN into the
smart labels, in addition to printing the standard bar code label. The
printer will enable automatically the encoding of the UPC or GTIN numbers
right into a smart label without the need to change print stream, application
or environment.

Pricing and Availability

All SmartLine products are available for immediate U.S. ordering through
Printronix-certified RFID integrators. Product shipments will begin within
60 days. Class 0 and 0+ firmware upgrades for the SL5000e MP are targeted for
availability within 45 days of first shipment of printers. The SL5000e C1
starts at $4,695, SL5000e MP at $4,995, SL5000e DK at $7,995 and the T5000e SR
at $2,995. Upgrade kits for the T5000e SR start at $2,295.