Scribble Technologies, a leading provider of online and collaborative journalism software, today announces its partnership with The Press Association, the UK’s leading multimedia news agency and information provider of business-to-business media services, to provide syndicated live coverage to its customers around the world using ScribbleLive – a comprehensive live CMS platform that enables media companies to report on developing news stories. The partnership will initially focus on providing live coverage of the Royal Wedding to digital news customers in the UK, North America and the rest of the world.

The Press Association’s Live Royal Wedding coverage – utilising its full network of journalists across the UK, providing minute by minute updates using ScribbleLive – will be part of a comprehensive Royal Wedding content package including rolling news feeds, images, video and interactive graphics. As part of this package, digital news sites will get a Press Association-branded license to use ScribbleLive. It will enable the media outlets to integrate into the Press Association coverage reports from their journalists as well as reader comments on their sites in real-time. Journalists and contributors can report story elements from e-mail, SMS, Twitter, voice call or the ScribbleLive web interface – whether in the newsroom or out in the field.

For the first time ever, organisations will be able to license real-time content and technology in one branded content management system. Customer sites will be able to support embedded feeds, live-updating HTML pages and mobile interfaces with the latest news, pictures and video from the royal wedding. An enhanced package will be available to enable sites to create their own live reports.

In addition to the Royal Wedding, The Press Association will be expanding its syndicated live coverage of breaking news and major sporting events, including live sports commentary services, in the coming weeks.

Mark Walker, COO of Scribble Technologies, is thrilled with the extended partnership: “Live coverage from the Press Association via ScribbleLive will meet a critical need for our customers and news sites around the world to provide real time coverage of this historic day.”

Alan Marshall, Head of Digital Production at the Press Association, commented: “The Press Association is always looking to be innovative around major events and syndicating our coverage with ScribbleLive while allowing customers to integrate their own content and user comments will bring a new dimension to the Royal Wedding experience.”