PowerHouse Technologies Group, Inc. announced today the introduction of a new Migo™ product line as a standalone software designed specifically for use with iPod® mobile digital devices.

Migo Personal for iPod transforms the popular MP3 player into more than a mobile jukebox. It allows users to harness their personalized computer settings on any PC, providing the most productive and comfortable environment possible. The Migo software stores Outlook® email, calendar and contacts, Internet Explorer favorites and browsing history as well as data files, presentations and much more on the iPod’s hard drive.

“The merging of our Migo software with the iPod digital music player creates a mobile productivity tool that encompasses the best of both worlds,” said Joshua Feller, president of PowerHouse Technologies Group, Americas. “iPod users can now enjoy their favorite songs while carrying their personalized computer settings wherever they go.”

Plugging a Migo equipped iPod into a Windows®-based host computer instantly converts it into a virtual copy of the user’s PC. The user’s Outlook and data files, Internet favorites and desktop wallpaper appear on the host computer as if it were their own. The Migo software even carries Internet history entries and cookies, ensuring that nothing is left behind on the host computer.

Digital music players are a burgeoning market, with the iPod currently assuming approximately 25% of worldwide sales in that market. Apple has sold more than 3 million units since the iPod’s introduction in 2001.

“PowerHouse Technologies’ business strategy has always focused on being a software company and the new Migo for iPod builds on the momentum of this strategy,” said Jay Elliot, CEO of PowerHouse Technologies Group. “Our original Migo product line, offered on a USB flash drive, served as a launching pad for developing the software for iPod and other devices in the future. As a software company, our goal is to leverage top technology platforms, such as the iPod, to deliver the benefits and functionality of Migo to an expanded customer base.”

PowerHouse Technologies Group will be demonstrating the new Migo Personal for iPod software solution this week at TechXNY in booth #3635. Additional product information is available online at www.4Migo.com.

Pricing and Availability

Migo Personal for iPod is expected to begin shipping in November through PowerHouse Technologies’ valued channel partners. The software will also be offered at www.4Migo.com. The software is expected to retail for an estimated price of $99.95 with an introductory limited-time $30.00 rebate offer.