SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence,
a fast and forensically sound data acquisition, analysis and review solution
for front line officers from the law enforcement and government communities,
has been launched by UK-based forensic computing experts Evidence Talks Ltd.

The portable, easy to use system enables officers with minimal training
to preserve data and make informed decisions while ensuring evidential
continuity, along with forensic and legal acceptability.

A touch screen on the SPEKTOR Control Pod allows an operator to
forensically wipe, verify and configure reusable SPEKTOR Collectors. Once
configured – a process that takes seconds – the SPEKTOR Collector can acquire
data from target PCs, Apple Macs, removable USB, Firewire and memory card
devices in minutes.

This speed and the ability to work with a wide range of devices set
SPEKTOR apart from other forensic triage solutions, which can be slow and even
miss data because they perform other tasks during data collection. SPEKTOR
overcomes this by using the power of the Control Pod rather than the target

Data collected by SPEKTOR is protected from unauthorised users, and data
and reports are stored in separate protected areas on the Collector device,
keeping all case data together.

The Control Pod automatically processes collected data, which is
presented in a high level view, allowing the user to drill down as required.
Using the intuitive touch screen interface, users can quickly browse images,
multimedia and data in all formats such as PDFs, documents, spreadsheets,
browser histories, search records, email, chat logs etc.

From Windows computers, SPEKTOR automatically extracts forensically
useful data from the registry, including comprehensive profile settings,
details of previously attached USB devices, recent file activity, network
setting, installed software, online storage details, auto-form details and
much more. If indexing is selected, the user is able to perform keyword

SPEKTOR also includes a unique “remote forensics” capability. Operators
can request assistance from remote colleagues via a secure, audited network
connection, allowing a forensic or intelligence expert to review captured data
from anywhere in the world, even via a 3G or sat-phone network.

“We have worked closely with our government clients to develop this
solution,” says Evidence Talks MD Andrew Sheldon. “SPEKTOR is being used by a
number of UK authorities who particularly appreciate its speed, flexibility
and evidential soundness.”