The dynamic impact of strategic business relationships is revealed in a new book by award-winning author and Canadian businessman, Tom Enright.

Business Relationships: Key to Your Success provides a quick, thorough and inexpensive approach to building and maintaining business relationships – relationships that will last and have a powerful impact on an individual's success.

"Sales is a excellent example of relationship-building," says David Milliken, former senior executive at Canada Newswire who led the company's sales team for more than 25 years. "Enright cleverly dismantles the business paradigm and redefines what most people think of as relationships. There's a lot more to a great relationship than quarterly contact calls or a lunch every six months," says Milliken. "Enright's book is a must read for anyone in business."

Enright has experienced the power of relationships over more than 30 years in business. "I owe a lot of my success to strategically managing my business relationships," he says.  "Recognizing the power of business relationships and putting that power to work made me a better business person and significantly enhanced my career."

Business Relationships: Key to Your Success is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their performance or advance their career. Enright shows how a business relationship program can be easily implemented on an individual, departmental or corporate-wide basis.