Popcards the newest innovation in greeting cards since the digital photo, is a free app now available in Apple and Android app stores. With the Popcards App, you can create printed greeting cards that come to life with an augmented reality video experience. With the app the user can simultaneously take a photo and record a personal video. The photo is printed on the greeting card with a personal message. The greeting card can then be scanned using the same Popcards app bringing the card magically to life.

Popcards will forever change life's memorable moments including, holidays, birth announcements, weddings, special invitations and more by offering beautiful greeting cards that pop with a video experience. Consumers can now have the visual, video component social media channels provide, with a lasting greeting card memento they can save forever.

"As innovators in the printing industry, we've developed Popcards to incorporate augmented reality technology with printed greeting cards. Today, we can expect to see personal images and videos, together with print, to announce or celebrate life's big moments. In the future, no one will ever send just a photo greeting card again," says Popcards inventor Kurt Johnson.

Popcards is powered by technology from Layar, the leading developer of augmented reality software for the printing industry.