Poet Babies, an advocacy group updating old truths for a new world, launches its Unplug, Hear the World campaign to accompany Apple Computer’s thirtieth anniversary on April 1, 2006, to urge iPod users to unplug their headphones and be involved in the world around them. People can join the campaign, which announces the Poet Babies’ birth, with an Unplug, Hear the World t-shirt available at www.poetbabies.com.

Prompted by news reports of iPod’s invasion into the classroom and workplace and by everyday encounters with inattentive listeners, Poet Babies cautions consumers that their electronic connection may come at the loss of their human one.

“Just as studies confirm that cell phone use distracts drivers and heavy internet use reduces social interaction, Poet Babies warns that excessive iPod use will cause listeners to become isolated and disconnected,” said Scott Landsbaum, Poet Babies’ Poet in Chief and founder. “Constant iPod use prevents the daily encounters which create community,” added Landsbaum, “and how can you help someone in need or even share a smile if you’re not aware of the person next to you?”

Poet Babies formed as a character collective to empower people to change the world, one person at a time. Each character tackles a unique theme. Poet Baby Tucker, who created Unplug, Hear the World, fights apathy and teaches action and involvement. The other Poet Babies are Jack, who promotes family and friends over money and titles, and Megan, who seeks inner beauty instead of labels and gossip. The Poet Babies work from their web site, http://www.poetbabies.com/, which features character biographies, e-cards, commentary, and clothing. Poet Babies asks people to join their cause and Cry for Change.