Slingo Inc. announces the release of its latest new casual game, Slingo Super Cube. People who love to play games online can play the brand new Slingo Super Cube and other free games on Slingo Super Cube expands Slingo into a virtual 3D world with six sides of fun. The object of the game is to make Slingos (five selections in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row) and patterns by choosing any of the twenty-five squares on a three-dimensional cube. Players can choose from one of three levels of difficulty as they play against the Simulated Artificial Life Built for Outright Thought (S.A.L.B.O.T.), which is the computer opponent easy intelligence mode.

“Slingo Super Cube is one of those games that push the boundary of the classic Slingo roots to new levels. People who play games like Slingo and Bingo will need to think three-dimensionally to master this game from all six sides,” said Jason Vourtsis, Director of Product Development at Slingo Inc.

Beyond making five-in-a-row selections, Slingo Super Cube rewards bonuses to players who create specific patterns, like selecting all four corners on any cube face, a diamond shape outline or marking off a square on every side of the cube. This new game also offers Bounce Slingos, which are five-in-a-row selections that bounce around the game cube starting on one edge and connecting diagonally to another cube side, then bouncing to finish on the opposite side of the face it started on.

The ability to roll the cube, like a die, to one of six sides adds depth to the game and allows the player to continue making selections on a new game board. As an added bonus, under random squares on each cube face are hidden power-ups like Free Turns, Free Rolls of the cube, Gold Coins and the Slingo Joker, who mixes things up by taking a spin of the game cube. Beneath some squares however, lurks the dreaded Slingo Devil. Just like in the classic game of Slingo, the Slingo Devil can steal your points unless the Slingo Cherub saves your butt.

Players can win the game by getting more points than the computer opponent. In the event of a tie, the player with the most Slingos after all turns or all squares are taken is declared the winner.

Slingo Super Cube is one of many free online games available from Slingo Inc. Every online game is free to play and members earn Slingo Coins to enter for a chance to win cash and merchandise sweepstakes. Some restrictions apply. See sweepstakes rules for full details online.