Remember the scandal when a European grocery store found horsemeat in their ground beef? How did this happen? Why it happen? Big questions, but how could you prove that it actually happened or avoid it from happening? The paperwork looked good but was it? Without pictures to document the process, the evidence can be hidden. How does a farmer really know that their merchandise was properly weighed so they get the rightful amount of money for their hard-earned harvest? With the absence of a picture proof, it is easy to fudge the weight results.

In comes Evercam to save the day. Their cloud solution leverages any standard security camera to take an instant snap shot of any logistic process. The images are automatically uploaded into big logistic applications to enhance the data with visual proof. A customer can request time-dated pictures of their goods as it works it way through the supply chain. It is easy to see where problems can occur and it keeps the integrity of all access points intact.

Best of all it requires no hardware purchase or install. The solution leverages already installed IP security cameras to grab the images. The solution can also enhance the value of security cameras to post images to twitter and other social media networks. A great added-value for retail stores.

Marco Herbert, CEO of Evercam demonstrated their solution at CeBIT 2015. “One of our clients that sells the Saint Patrick’s hat that I am wearing has already used the technology to increase their social media following by 10,000 people”, Mr. Herbert said (as he celebrated Saint Patrick’s day at CeBIT).

There are already countless cameras all around so this is the sort of technology that can easily repurpose its use beyond passive recording and viewing.  The implication for security monitoring and tracking seems endless. It is one of our top picks at this year’s CeBIT. To learn more go to