is an innovative, hot new entrepreneurial start-up with a unique
online business that allows customers to graphically design their own “cool”
personalized skins for their consumer electronics, to reflect their own tastes
and style, at

Winnipeg-based was ranked 34th on PROFIT Magazine’s 9th annual
PROFIT HOT 50 – the definitive ranking of Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies.
MyTego provides an on-line service where customers can create and design these
vinyl skins to cover their cell phones, laptops, mobile phones – and even
their Xbox, Guitar Hero, Rock Band or iPod.

Though TEGO skins have been a popular product worldwide since introduced
by Mytego in 2005, Doyle Buehler, President of Mytego Inc. sees this as an
emerging and strengthening trend, as people search out the ability to
customize their own gadgets amongst the simplified colorings of current
offerings of consumer electronics. “The trend towards personalization is
becoming more and more pronounced in our society. We see it almost everywhere;
now we have given consumers the tools to be their own creative genius and
design exactly what they want. People want to stand out from the crowds, and
personalization at is one very easy way to accomplish this”.

Buehler continued, “We have seen it start with ring tones and screen
graphics for cell phones. Now this consumer personalization has moved more
mainstream, into all portable consumer electronics like iPods, cell phones,
laptops, game systems etc., with skins. Everybody has the inherent desire to
be different and stand out: gives them just the tools that they
need to address this need”.

“We’re living in an age of personalization, where people want to find
ways to reflect their uniqueness and individualism,” said MyTego CEO Ron
Burke. “Our customers are telling us they feel empowered by being able to
completely design their skins with personal photos and images – just the way
they want – to reflect their own personal life stories and messages. The word
we hear a lot from them is “cool.”

Burke said what’s unique about the product is that the customer – not the
company – is the graphic designer with creative signoff. Customers can be at
home and go online to where they are walked through a series of
steps to design a “Tego” skin. Once the design is done and submitted, MyTego
produces the thin, vinyl covering individually for each customer, and ships it
to the customer.

“It’s a very easy, fun process,” said Burke. “The feedback we’ve heard is
that we’re building unique new relationships with our customers by empowering
them in a way that allows them to put their personal thumbprint on their Tego

Besides unlimited consumer creative license, Burke said customers are
happy with the customization capabilities, low price, and many people who
started off designing their own personal skins are now personalizing them as
gifts for friends, family members and business colleagues. Because the skins
are highly visible on laptops and mobile devices, they are their own walking
advertisements generating conversation, buzz and word of mouth interest.

According to Burke, customers are even fashion accessorizing, matching
their custom designed Tego skins to clothes they wear. Social networks like
MyTego on Facebook are also cropping up where people are interacting and
sharing their artistic designs.

“The PROFIT HOT 50 companies illustrate the ingenuity and vitality of
Canada’s entrepreneurial sector,” said Ian Portsmouth, Editor. “Anyone who
wants to start or grow a business can draw much inspiration and many lessons
from the HOT 50.”