ELECOM Co., Ltd., a global provider of innovatively designed products, including computer mice, carrying bags and other PC accessories as well as headphones and other digital audio and video devices, has started global supply of a new application program for smartphones.

ELECOM has released personal organizer application software “Schedule St.” as the first smartphone application program for Japanese Android users. This software has been made available in the English language in response to requests from foreign smartphone users. The English “Schedule St.” can be downloaded free of charge from the “Android Market.” Optional design refills are available at a unit price of 200 yen each.

“Schedule St.” is a personal organizer application program with to-do, text, picture and voice memo functions, working in sync with Google Calendar and capable of adding new functions and designs as with paper-made refills. For more information on “Schedule St.,” please visit our website: http://www.elecom.co.jp/app/elenote/android/doc_eng/index.html

ELECOM will continue to develop a variety of smartphone application programs for the global market.