Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced the launch of Panda AdminSecure (4.07), the nerve center of its traditional corporate security solutions. This new version includes a new anti-malware engine, with the major innovation of cloud connection and the transfer of scanning and malware identification processes to the  Collective Intelligence technologies.  Panda’s proprietary system for detecting, analyzing and classifying new and unknown computer threats.

This evolution of  AdminSecure's engine has increased the capacity to detect threats on workstations, laptops and servers by almost 20%, delivering protection in real time, without impacting network resources. Whereas previously clients had to download the signature file and deploy it across the network -opening a risk window while this was being done-, the new version combines real-time access to the cloud (for both on-demand and automatic scans) with traditional signature file protection.

The engine has also been optimized to drastically reduce the resource consumption of local scan and identification processes and mitigate the impact on computer and server performance.

The new anti-malware engine also offers a new genetic heuristic engine, including new algorithms for identifying unknown malware, using new traces and indicators to recognize and automatically block threats, without user intervention and with no false positives. This feature is of particular importance for remote and mobile users who may not always have an Internet connection or connection to the corporate network.

Two security suites

Panda AdminSecure is the solution that brings together the management of all Panda Security protection. It enables network-wide deployment, monitoring, configuration and maintenance of the protection from a single point. It adapts to any network topology and, in addition to its own security policy definitions, integrates transparently with third-party technologies.

The security suites that include the new version of AdminSecure are Panda Security for Business, offering SMBs protection for Windows and Linux file servers and workstations, and Panda Security for Enterprise, designed for large corporate environments, which also includes protection for perimeter and mail servers.


This new version of the Panda Security solution completes the company’s cloud security offer for the corporate market, which also includes the Panda Cloud Protection solutions for workstations, email and the Internet.