Owl Computing Technologies, Inc., a cybersecurity solutions provider, is proud to announce that Gartner has identified it as a "Specialist ICS Security Tool" provider. In its recent research paper "Market Trends: Industrial Control System Security, 2015", Gartner identifies Owl as a specialist provider of network security solutions for industrial control environments.

 Industrial control systems (ICSs) are used in the automation of many different industrial processes such as oil and gas production, electricity generation and distribution, water treatment, utilities, etc. As these systems have become more interconnected and part of the Industrial Internet of Things, Gartner has noted that, "To a significant degree, the growing security problems impacting ICS have originated from the fact that ICSs are increasingly less and less isolated from outside networks and systems, and ICSs are now more susceptible and vulnerable to attacks."

In their research paper Gartner separates different types of cybersecurity solutions and specifies that "Among the more popular approaches to add a security layer to ICS platforms is deployment of security tools that focus on the network layer. A network security approach provides the most effective measure to secure legacy systems where direct management is not feasible/possible, offering high scalability, and creating an access control point to apply monitoring and enforce identity and access control." As a specialist in this type of network based cybersecurity for over 16 years, Owl is now protecting the ICS systems of hundreds of facilities and plants globally.

"We are glad to see that the cyberthreats facing industrial control systems are being recognized," said Dr. Ron Mraz, CEO of Owl. "Network based cybersecurity solutions can be a key component of an operators Defense in Depth cybersecurity strategy."