Owl Computing Technologies, Inc., a network cyber security solutions provider, is pleased to announce the deployment of the Owl Cross Domain Solution- Small Form Factor to securely transfer full motion video from air and ground based assets into secure analyst enclaves for rapid interpretation and action.

As part of its on-going, self-funded support of the U.S. Department of Defense, Owl developed the OCDS-SFF as a highly secure, data diode based Cross Domain Solution, with reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP), to meet broad based mission capabilities. The OCDS-SFF mitigates the threat of malware infecting the ground based network while preventing any leakage of information out of the classified network.

The OCDS-SFF was selected by the DoD to meet the critical security needs of a common ground station supporting expeditionary missions. For this deployment, the OCDS-SFF was called on to transfer multiple streams of high quality video, including meta data, from unclassified airborne platforms to ground based classified networks.

As a compact, single box Cross Domain Solution, with an existing body of evidence and accreditation, Owl was able to quickly tailor the core capabilities of the OCDS-SFF to fit the needs of the DoD and deploy the OCDS-ST06 (Owl Cross Domain Solution-Streaming Transfer) for this mission.

Deemed to have high value and wide applicability, the OCDS-ST06 was accredited in accordance with NIST 800-53 and UCDSMO guidance allowing reuse of the OCDS-ST06 within the DOD and U.S. intelligence agencies and now appears on the UCDSMO Baseline product list. The unique capabilities of the OCDS-ST06 creates a cost-effective security solution for the common ground station program; supporting a multitude of unmanned airborne platforms with the built-in ability to expand capacity for future growth.